My Possible Exit Points

I was discussing the other day how I would receive visions in my dreams. A lot of my dreams are vivid, and I always remember them. It’s rare when I don’t remember them, and it bothers me when I don’t. I wanted to share a couple of recurring dreams with you that I’ve had since I was a little girl. Not sure if these dreams are visions, but they’re still interesting nonetheless.

The first time I received this dream was when I was six years old. There was an older woman who looked to be around her 40s or 50s, and she was in a white dress. The dress kind of looked like a pajama gown. She had long dark brown hair, and she had no eyes. Blood was coming out of her empty eye sockets. For some reason I instantly knew that this was my older self. Now don’t get freaked out. Knowing myself and my sick and twisted sense of humor, my future self probably showed myself to my young self (man that was confusing) in this creepy way for shits and giggles. Doing something like that sounds a lot like me. My future self was showing my younger self where I’d be buried. She showed me ashes in a urn, and then showed me a mausoleum in a cemetery. She said to me, “this is where your ashes are going to be kept.” Then I woke up.

Two years later when I was eight years old, my future self came to me again. My future self was wearing the same white dress and still didn’t have any eyes. She took me to the mausoleum again. This time I went inside the mausoleum, and there were cabinets or drawers inside. There were a total of eight drawers, and she opened the one in the middle and said, “this one is yours.” She placed the urn inside the drawer. I looked across from me and saw a casket with a smaller casket that looked like a child was in it. She told me, “there are already two people inside the mausoleum.” Then I woke up.

Six months ago, I had the dream again where my older self showed me where I’d be buried. My future self still looked the same. She told me more information. “Your ashes will be kept in your husband’s family’s mausoleum. You will be cremated.” I began to ask her questions. “how old are you?” My future self smiled. “You’ll be in your 50s when you die.” I took a breath of relief. “Oh thank God. I don’t want to live to an old age.” My future self laughed. I asked her, “how will I die?” My future self shook her head. “You’re not suppose to know yet.” I looked at her empty eye sockets and asked her what would happen to my eyes. She said, “nothing will happen to your eyes while you’re alive.” I asked her if I’d be murdered in some sick sadistic way, and if the murderer would take out my eyes. My future self laughed and shook her head. Then she said, “the mausoleum will be in the same cemetery that your great grandmother is buried in.” Then I woke up.

I told my boyfriend’s (Josh) mother about my dream in the morning, and she got wide eyed. She said that Josh’s father’s family has a mausoleum, and that there were already two people buried there. Then she told me the name of the cemetery where the mausoleum was, and guess what? That’s right. It’s located in the same cemetery where my great grandmother is buried. I’m still trying to figure out why my eyes were missing. Maybe it’s a process that they do during  cremation? I’m also an organ donor, so maybe it has something to do with that.

Very recently, around two or three months ago, I had another dream. My future self (still looking creepy) came to me and said, “I have to show you something. It’s time.” My heart was racing and I smiled. “Am I going Home?” She smiled and shook her head. “Not today.” Then the scenery changed and I was watching my older self walk down a cemented hallway. I looked to be in my 40s or 50s. This older version walked to the end of the hall and opened the door to go outside. Josh was with me, but he was middle aged too. I had about four or five security guards around Josh and I as we walked to a group of people. The people were held back by a rope so that I could walk through. It seemed that everyone was there to see me, and I saw news cameras. We were near a beach. I could see the ocean in front. I asked the dead version of myself what was going on, and she said, “you are in Italy. You are going to a banquet that is in your honor. All these people are here to see you.” “Why,” I asked. “Everything will be revealed to you soon,” she said.

Me and the dead version of myself were floating in the air. I looked down at this bridge that was right above where my older self was walking, and I see a young man running and pushing people. He looked to be around 16 or 17. He was Caucasian and had a shaven head. He was wearing black baggy pants and a black sweatshirt. He got to the top of the bridge and took out a gun and pointed it down at me. People were screaming and then he shot it and it went right through the back of my head. I instantly fell to the floor, and Josh was… Well…. he was freaking out. Everyone around the area were screaming, and the police instantly tackled down the young man who shot me.

I turned to ask my dead self a question, but she was gone. I left the screaming crowd and went back to that cemented hallway. I saw the young man sitting there in the middle of the hallway with his hood over his head. He felt so sad and lonely to me. I continued walking on and saw to my right black hooded beings. I couldn’t make out the features, but with each hooded being I passed, they kept getting smaller and scrawnier. Like they were getting weak. There were five of them all in the row, and I knew instantly that these five beings represented my other exit points. I felt like I was making a decision in this dream. My dead version of myself spoke to me in my mind, “if you choose to live, then the shooter would have just barely missed your head, but the gun shot will graze past your head. You will suffer some brain damage. You won’t be the same afterward, but if you choose to die from this incident, then your death would be impactful to the world.” I turned around and started heading back to the boy in the black sweatshirt. I made my decision. I wanted to die this way. I didn’t want to suffer a brain injury, and if my death brought an impact to the world for the better, then so be it.

The young man took off his hood. He felt so sad to me, and I asked him if he was okay. He said, “I agree to do this for you. I agree to be the one that has to kill you. I agree to this contract” Tears started to fill his eyes. “I’m so sorry.” I had him stand up and I hugged him. I held him so tight, and told him, “I love you. Thank you for lowering your vibrations and living this life to fulfill this contract. You are so brave.” I managed to get this boy to smile. “I’m not incarnated yet,” he said, “but I will be soon.” Then I woke up from my dream.

It’s not over from there. Weeks later I got the same dream again, but from the perspective of my older self. Right before the young man would pull the trigger, I looked up and saw my guides, angels, loved ones, and my spirit buddy in the sky. They were all smiling at me. My spirit buddy was reaching out his hand and said, “it’s time to come Home to me.” Right when I grabbed his hand and he pulled me out, I heard the gun shot.

Very recently, I had another dream about one of my exit points. I’m thinking this is my first exit point because it felt like it. I had a reading with a friend where he opened my Akashic Records and confirmed what my first exit point would be. My first exit point would be a car crash. In this dream, there were three different types of car crashes that I was shown. One was of me driving, and I lost control and crashed into a electrical pole. The second one was of me parked, but I was still sitting in my car. A telephone pole or electrical pole falls and lands right on top of my car. The third car crash was with my sister in her truck. She lost control, and we drove off of the freeway and started rolling. Right before the truck started rolling, my spirit buddy, angels, and guides grabbed me by my shoulders to pull me out. Again, my spirit buddy tells me, “it’s time to come Home to me.”



  1. Jenny says:

    This is such a great entry. It helped me to understand how to answer people that don’t understand “why bad things happen” and who want to blame others who bring tragic or life-altering situations. Such an illuminating message. Thank you.

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