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I’m leaving for Rush today! AH! I’m so excited! I wish my father could come with me because he’d love it so much, but my sister Brittani is having her first baby any day now so he has to stay for her. Oh wow! That makes me sound so bad hahaha! I’m leaving to a concert while my sister could be in labor, but she’s late like all Quinto babies are. My new niece is going to be named Kaleigha.

Instead of an excerpt today, I’m going to talk about my “process” when I do a reading. I won’t be able to post a Friday Challenge tomorrow since I’ll be out of town, but I can post a Saturday Challenge! 😀

So for my readings, I ask the person to send me short facts about themselves like date of birth, career, hobbies, etc. I don’t want or need too much information, but I need enough to get a feel for their energy. Since I’m new to mediumship, I’m still learning about my skills and who I am as a medium. I learned recently that I need a picture of the person I’m doing a reading with. I fought with Erik about this for a few weeks before finally agreeing with him. I need to see the person’s eyes because they are windows to the soul. I connect instantly, so I may not need the person to write facts about themselves anymore. I’m slowly trying to get off of that. I got a few practice readings coming up where I’m going to try a cold reading (meaning no questions ahead of time and not knowing what they look like or anything about them), then I’m going to do a practice reading of having just the picture of the person, and then I have a third practice reading where we are going to test my endurance as a medium (meaning how long I can do a reading before draining myself). We’ll see how it goes!

I like to have the person’s questions ahead of time, and there are specific reasons why. One reason is that I do readings through text (Facebook messenger and Skype instant message). If I have your questions beforehand and I finish meditating a couple of minutes early before our reading, I can start writing down the answers I got so the typing won’t take up a lot of the time we have. The second reason is that it allows me to have an actual conversation with your guides, angels, or Erik beforehand. We get to have a discussion about your questions, and I get comfortable with them so that when you ask any follow up questions during our reading, I can give you answers quicker since I’m already so attuned to your spirit guides.

So I have your facts about yourself, your picture, and your questions. Now comes for the meditation.I usually take about 30 or 40 minutes to meditate for each reading. I want to connect to your energy, and get comfortable with it. The first thing I do is relax and do breathing exercises. I have my guides, angels, and AA Michael help to raise my vibrations and balance out my chakras. At this point in time, I feel like I’m hovering right above my body. I’m no longer inside my body, so it’s almost like astral projection. I get to see your guides and angels more clearly this way.

After doing that, I ask my guides and AA Michael to help me connect to the person’s energy. This is the fun part! I imagine you standing. Sometimes I can see what you’re doing right before our reading, and I’ll snuggle into your energy field. I’ll dance around it and give you hugs. I like to get to know you past your human ego. I break through that to see what your soul looks and feels like, and everyone is just so beautiful! <3 I always smile when I do this, and sometimes I cry.

After getting to know you on a deep soul level, I ask my guides, angels, and AA Michael to help me have a clear channel, thin out my filter, and to give me strong intuitive feelings of when I’m right or wrong. I ask AA Michael specifically to help me with my confidence. Then I relax again and clear my mind.

I ask Erik if he brought in the person’s guides and angels (he always says “yes”), and then I set my boundaries with them. I tell them that I’m only accepting positive information that’ll help the person through their spiritual and life journey. Anything else will not be accepted. After that, I ask any guides or angels that want to show themselves to step foreword. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. Then we go over your questions, and have a conversation back and forth for about 15 or 20 minutes. I love this part because I get to know you more by talking to your guides. I love meeting new spirits too!

After I’m finished with our reading, I send some love and healing light to you if you need it. Then I listen to music for about 10 minutes, and this helps me to break my connection with you so that I can connect to the next person for my next reading. Then I start the process all over again!

This is a picture of the room I go to when I do my readings. I lay on the marble bed with the pink pillow. Erik sits on the stool. My guides, angels, and AA Michael are to my right, and the person’s guides and angels are to my left in that big empty space. 



  1. Stephanie S. says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this, Heather. I hope to be able to have a reading with you one day!

  2. Shauna says:

    I love this. Especially the part about dancing in the aura…I want a reading. Off to explore your site to figure out how to go about it. Cheers!

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