My Unborn Daughter

I’ve always had dreams about having a little girl. Very recently, since I’ve opened up to communicating with the other side, I’ve started to have incredibly vivid dreams about this daughter. I already know I’m going to name her Anastasia. I’ve had that name picked out since I was in high school because I think it’s a beautiful name. I’ll tell you about the first dream I had…

I was pregnant in this dream, and I wanted to do natural birth without any pain medication or anything. My whole family said that I wouldn’t go through with it because it’d be too painful for me, and them saying that made me want to go through with it even more just to prove them wrong. Sounds like me! I did natural child birth, and my mother was shocked hahahaha! The baby was a girl, and she already had dark brown hair. Her eyes were hazel though, and at the time I had no idea how she could have hazel eyes. My mother has hazel eyes, and the doctor said I held the recessive gene for those colored eyes. My daughter got the recessive gene! I was worried Josh would think I cheated on him since both of us had brown eyes (I was already with Josh when I had this dream). I named her Anastasia in my dream.

When I held her in my arms, she smiled at me instantly. I felt like I already knew her and I cried. I had this overwhelming feeling of a love that I don’t know of yet. I’m assuming it’s a mother’s love for her child. Then I got this overwhelming feeling of protection. I wanted to protect her from everybody and everything. Josh wanted to hold her, and I said, “no!” Nobody was allowed to touch her for a while when we were in the hospital. I remember her so vividly! It actually felt like she was in my arms. I could feel the weight of her body and the feel of the blanket that was wrapped around her. She held on to my finger, and it felt so real! I started crying even more when she grasped my finger.

Then I woke up.

My second dream…

At first, Anastasia was an infant, but then she became a toddler. I still had that overwhelming feeling of protection and love. I remember someone telling me I was as protective as a Tall White mother (Tall Whites are a type of ET species), but mostly everyone said I was over protective of her. Even Josh said I was!

I remember I took her to a pumpkin patch in my dream, and she was so excited! She was grabbing my arm and saying “let’s go, mom! Mom!” I also remember her being taken at night by extraterrestrials. I was so upset, and I’d always try to chase them down to scare them away. I’d hold her close at night. I remember feeling so powerless against them. Anastasia was never afraid though. She told me, “mom, this is suppose to happen. This has and always will happen. I’ll be fine, mommy. Don’t worry about me. They’re here to help.”

Then I woke up.

Third dream….

She came to me when I astral projected in my sleep. I had begun to channel her through feeling on a regular basis. She still had her brown hair and hazel eyes. She showed herslef as older though. Maybe around my age. She said to me, “I just wanted to tell you how much I love you, mom. I can’t wait to be your daughter. I’m so happy you’re going to be my mother. I love you already so so much.” I hugged her, and then I woke up.

Fourth dream… I had this dream 2 nights ago.

She came to me as older again. Maybe a couple of years younger than me, and she was so excited to see me. She had hazel eyes and blonde hair this time, and she was wearing this white silky dress. She said, “this is what I look like in spirit.” She is the most beautiful being I’ve ever seen in my life. She kept grabbing me by the arm and wanting to take me somewhere to show me something. I can’t remember where or what, and I don’t think it really matters.

I got this feeling that she is such an old soul and so wise, but she hasn’t lived many lives. Well at least not on Earth. She’s spent most of her time as a guide on the spiritual plane. The feeling I got was that she was a very influential guide, but I also feel she is more than a guide (meaning her vibration is that of a higher frequency). An angel doesn’t fit quite right. I can’t put my finger on it, but she’s just stunning!

Right now in my life, I’m no where near being ready to be a mama, but I’m still looking foreword to the day when I get to hold her in my arms. 

Have a great day everyone! I love you all.