My Work Space

I woke up this morning and thought, “today is gonna be a good day.” And it is! I have some wonderful news! The documentary I helped write and also had a role in has now released the first trailer 😀

I hope you all enjoy the trailer 🙂 Anyway! My topic for today is my work space. I discussed my “spiritual” space that I go to when I communicate with spirits during my readings, but I haven’t discussed the work space that’s in the physical. Most people have an office that’s neatly organized with bookshelves and a desk. Some may just have a nice tech center in their house where they keep their laptop. Me? I have a bed…

My bed is my work space. I spend majority of my life in bed, and I don’t mean that in a sexual way (hahaha!). I’m not even over exaggerating here. My bedroom is what I like to call “My Hole.” You know, like a rabbit hole. I’ll tell my boyfriend or my mother, “okay. I’m going into my hole now. Don’t disturb me.” My bed was a mess all the time back in high school. I now share a bed with my boyfriend, so it doesn’t stay dirty for long. Especially because he has OCD when it comes to the bed being made every morning. I never understood that because you’re just going to sleep in it again hours later. Why make the bed?

When I lived with my parents, I had a queen sized bed all to myself. One half of the bed would be where I slept while the other half had a bunch of shit on it like books, my laptop, iPod, pens, pencils, snacks, etc. It was always a mess on my bed at all times.

I have a desk in my room, but I never use it. My bed is my sanctuary. I’ll lay in it all day and listen to music or play with the pendulum. I’ll do my homework, write my books, and do my readings from my bed. Know that when you and I are in a session together, I’m lying in bed with my laptop on my lap 😛