My Writing Process

I’m going to be publishing a book in a month. I’m working on getting my friend’s painting into the correct size for the cover. I’m excited and nervous! It’s a short story about a girl who falls in love with a spirit. I’ll probably write this into a novel, but for right now it’ll be a short story. I’m writing this for my creative writing class at school, so I thought I might as well publish it since I’ll get free editing from it. I took a quote from the the story and put it on the painting that’ll be used as the cover

11888583_10155962790195525_6094703782990002094_o copy 2

The book will be available for free through Kindle. Check out more of my friend’s painting by clicking here. She does amazing work. I’m a huge fan!

I’ve been reading like crazy lately, and it’s refreshing. I haven’t read for fun in a while. Being in school and being forced to read textbooks all day takes the fun out of reading, but I found my love for reading again! I’m taking my last literature class EVER! I can’t fucking wait to be done with that because I hate literature classes with a fiery passion. I prefer taking math classes, and I’m terrible at math. I hate having to write an analysis on what I read. It’s so tedious.

Anyway! That’s where I’ve been. I call my room my “hole” where I go and hide. I’ve locked myself away in my hole and I’ve been reading like a mad woman! It’s proven to serve me well because I now have been inspired to write again. I was suppose to have my second book from the Inhuman series published already, but no inspiration has come. I don’t like forcing it either because then that just makes for a terrible book. I found my inspiration again, and when I write, I tend to lock myself away in my hole.

Every writer has their process, and mine is a little unhealthy. My family knows by now not to bother me when I’m in the middle of writing a story, but my boyfriend (Josh) had to learn. When we lived in LA, I locked myself in our bedroom all day. Literally all day. I wouldn’t eat for days, shower, change my clothes, sleep, or even bother to go out to get a drink of water. I’d be pacing around like a “mad woman” (as he says) in our bedroom mumbling to myself. I like to talk about my ideas out loud, and I’ll write them down on post-it notes to stick to the wall. Josh would come in to bring me water and food, which I never touched the food.

I warned him of my process and to not get scared because it’s just how I work. I sleep a lot in the beginning because my characters come to me in my dreams to tell me what they want to happen to them. It’s like my body gets ready for this process because I start sleeping more than usual, so that causes for my dreams. Then I lose my appetite, and then I get a sudden burst of inspiration. I just start writing. It usually takes a month to finish a book, so it’s only a month of me being eccentric hahaha!

Currently, my appetite is gone so that’s the second phase. Now the inspiration is coming in, and each day gets harder to not write. I can’t really lock myself away like I use to because I have responsibilities, so we’ll see how I handle this. Anyway, that’s my process. Eventually when I get out of my process and I finish my book, I pass out and sleep for a whole day because I need to catch up on some much needed sleep. Then after that I eat a shit ton of food hahahaha! It’s not exactly healthy, but it’s how I work. Writers can be weird 😉