New Age Misfits: Chapter 1

Okay! Today is my first posting of one of my stories I plan to share here on the blog 🙂 I will be writing and publishing short excerpts of my stories once or twice a month. This short excerpt is part of a story I’ll be sharing continuously here titled New Age Misfits. It’s a dark comedy about millennials growing up in today’s society. It follows a group of teenagers as they try to grasp the world around them in this new perspective that many millennials have regarding society and humanity. As a reader, you will follow them as they age and go through college. This is the first 3 pages of that story 🙂

New Age Misfits

We walked into the church. I forget which religion his family is part of, but it’s probably a stupid one I’m sure. Ahead of us down a long red carpeted aisle was the casket. I could see the upper portion of his body with his hands folded on top of his stomach. The church was nice. Light shined brightly through the windows on the right side. The four of us slowly walked down the aisle closer towards Aaron’s casket.

We had grown up together—all five of us. He had gotten hit by a car one night while biking home from a friend’s house, and now here he was a week later in a casket. Dead as shit. His mom picked out the dark blue suit for him to wear with his favorite ducky tie. Just the right amount of sophistication and goofiness that we all loved about Aaron. His mom did good with the tie.

I was the only girl in the group, and Aaron and I had our first kiss in secret together behind the dumpsters at the public park when we were twelve. The boys were skateboarding along the cement benches even though we weren’t supposed to. Aaron had grabbed my arm and we ran giggling to the dumpsters. Without saying a word, he laid a peck on my lips and we both smiled before running back to the rest of the gang.

We never spoke of it again.

There was an elderly couple in front of us—his grandparents. The grandmother wiped a tear with her handkerchief and said, “He was too young.” The grandfather had his arm around her shoulders and held her hand saying, “I know, Deary. I know. Such a shame.”

She blew her nose into the handkerchief sobbing. “He would have done so much. He wanted to do so much.”

They walked to the left and down to the bench seats behind them. It was now our turn. All four of us stood in a row as we stared down at Aaron’s lifeless body. We were only sixteen. He was the youngest out of all of us and had just barely turned sixteen the month prior. We all thought we were immortal in a way. Yeah, we knew we could die, but we never thought in a million years it’d be one of us… And so soon.

As we stared silently, we could hear the adults behind us sniffling. I pressed my lips together real tight before saying, “Yooouuu lucky son of a bitch.”

“Yeah, you fucktard. You got to check out early. What the hell is that all about?” Added Kevin. He was the oldest one, but only by nine months. His golden-brown hair was always covering his eyes, and he constantly wore his faded black hooded sweater with the hood flipped up onto his head. Even indoors.

Steven bent down real low to Aaron’s face and said, “Now you just leave us here to live life? The fuck is that shit? I don’t want to be here anymore than you did. It isn’t fair.” Steven had shaved his afro recently. He always hated his ‘fro, which I never understood. I thought it looked nice as long as he took good care of it, which he never did.

“Life ain’t fair,” said Ralph with his hands in his pockets. He wore his Black Dahlia Murder shirt with a black, baggy sweatshirt, but he had on some nice khakis. “I didn’t ask to be born, but my selfish mother just had to have a kid. Now I’m expected to pay bills and shit until I die. I’m so envious of you, Aaron.”

Steven stood up straight and looked at Ralph somewhat confused. “You don’t pay bills, Ralph. You don’t even have a job.” He was so argumentative. Steven will pick a fight with anyone and for any reason.

Ralph rolled his eyes. “No shit, dude, but I will pay bills eventually when I get older. I didn’t sign up for that crap, though.”

Steven nodded and puckered out his lips a bit. “True, true.” He looked back down at Aaron and narrowed in on him. “But this fucker doesn’t have to do any of that anymore.”

I rolled my eyes and put my hand on my hip. “So unfair.”

“Nah but dude seriously, we love you,” said Kevin.

Steven straightened up and bumped his chest twice with his fist before making a peace sign. “For real, man. It’s been good.”

“I’ll always love ya, man. We may hate life, but we don’t hate you,” said Ralph.

“I’ll always cherish our kiss together,” I added. The boys all looked at me with their eyes wide. “What?” I asked innocently.

“The fuck!?” Exclaimed Steven. It echoed throughout the church. We had managed to keep our voices low during our unconventional chat with Aaron, which was a great feat for us, until now.

I looked over my shoulder and saw the adults looking up at us appalled. Some had their jaws dropped in shock. “You didn’t tell me ya’ll kissed, Anna! The hell is this shit?” Exclaimed Steven. His arms were flailing about, which I knew meant he was about to go on one of his tangents. Ralph tried to calm him down by awkwardly trying to keep Steven’s arms down. As if that would stop him from yelling more.

Steven shoved Ralph away and stomped down towards the bench seats as he mumbled, “Fucking-kissing-ass-bitch-ass-girl-don’t-tell-nobody-ass…” We let him walk away. Steven was harmless even when he was angry. His anger never lasted long and it was always somewhat playful. I think he enjoyed being upset and liked mumbling obscene things underneath his breath.

The three of us mumbled our final good-byes and love you’s to Aaron before awkwardly taking our seats on a wooden bench, all the while fully aware of the eyes that were on us. We were used to it, though. It was kind of our thing—freaking people out.

Once seated, we all smirked. Aaron would’ve been laughing his ass off right about now.


Some music to help set the mood of the overall theme of the story 🙂