New Beginnings

Today is a day of new beginnings for me πŸ™‚ I start a new quarter today at school. I’m taking my marketing classes now for my minor. I only have 2 classes left until I complete my major. How exciting! I’ve been getting strong feelings lately about my future. I know that I won’t be babysitting my nephews forever. It’s just a feeling I get, so I’m going to be looking into substitute teaching. I’ve taught before, and you don’t necessarily need a degree to be a sub (it depends on the school district though). I just need to pass the CBEST, which I know I can. It’ll be steady pay while I’m working on my books and spiritual work. I need some form of steady pay because I’m not guaranteed that with my spiritual work. I don’t want to be a full time teacher because that will take away from my writing. Being a sub would work out great with my schedule, and I’ve taught in a high school before, so at least I have that under my belt.

Also, I’ve been feeling a pull towards writing more instead of doing readings. I can’t juggle babysitting, spiritual coaching, school, readings, and writing. That’s just way too much. Something has to go, and I want to finish my book as soon as possible so that I can get it through the editing process in time for the Fall. Having said that, I will stop doing readings for a while. At least until I finish my book. I want to offer more spiritual coaching, but I want to tinker around with the syllabus a bit and update my classes. That may take a few more weeks.

Right now is also a time of spiritual growth for me, so I want go through these growing pains and start off fresh! I feel like I’ll only be gone from spiritual work for about a month. Then I’ll jump back in fresh and new! With new teachings. I feel it’s better this way. This is what I need to do right now in my life.

Of course I’ll still be part of the Channeling Erik family <3 I’d never leave my work there! I have such a deep passion for the group and for Erik and his mother’s work. I can’t picture my life without it πŸ™‚ So I’m still working on the Channeling Erik tour while also working on myself and my own spiritual growth. I gotta work on my abilities some more. More importantly my confidence and my trance channeling. You’d be surprised how much confidence can block you. I need to learn to shut out my insecurities and “shut up and listen” hahahahaha!

For those that have scheduled a reading with me, I will keep those appointments πŸ™‚ I just won’t be booking anymore appointments after today.

Anyway! In other news! My short story I published yesterday got a promotional deal! This means it will be featured online on websites, in blog posts, etc. I’m really excited about this. Who knew this would do so well? If you want to download my short story for FREE, you can by clicking the link here!Β It’ll be available for free starting today until 2/12/2016. After that it’ll be $0.99. I wanted it to be free indefinitely, but they wouldn’t let me.

I hope you all have a great day!

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  1. Teresa says:

    Hey, girl,
    just bought your book and I can’t wait to read it! I’m proud of you and praying for God to continue to bless you and keep you!
    I am proud to have you as my friend!

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