New Phase in Life and You Can Join Me

I have decided that I am done being Bitchy Heather now. What I mean by that is I’m done making spiteful jokes because I feel as though I released what I needed to. I made a post about this a while ago that I was going to be selfish socially and say things without a filter, and it may piss some people off, but it was who I needed to be in that moment. I spent my whole life bending over backward to make sure everyone was happy and to make sure I made nobody upset. It was exhausting, and so I decided to swing the pendulum to the other side and be the exact opposite. I needed to be that spiteful and bitchy person because I never got to be. I never voiced my truths. I’d always be complacent to others, and now that my throat chakra has healed itself and opened up, I can settle down to a nice medium. I won’t be as much as a push-over as in my past, but I won’t be as brutal as I have been lately either.

For those that I pissed off during this phase in my life (and boy there were a lot of you), I am not sorry. I won’t apologize for who I am and what I needed to do for me. Like I said before, you didn’t have to walk with me along this path or even approve of it, but I appreciate you being here still 🙂 I got “unfriended” by a few people on Facebook, and was told that my behavior was “disappointing.” And I would smile. I would just smile because I knew what I was doing. I knew I was acting completely opposite than who I am as a person, but none of them realized that I was doing it for me. I wasn’t ashamed of my behavior at all, and I knew it was a phase I’d get over eventually. Last night, I laid in bed and my guides surrounded me saying, “is this who you want to continue to be? Or are you ready to move on to the next phase?” I said, “alright. I’m done. Let’s move on.” And just like that, I was reborn! It’s funny when you’re well aware of your own phases in life.

You see life is all an act. Life is an illusion, so why wouldn’t I want to play the part of the asshole for a little bit? Doing this whole thing has reminded me not to take life so seriously because none of it is real. Yeah, what we feel is real, but it’s all just a play at the end of the day. So relax, unwind, and do what you feel you need to do. Not all the time will people approve of what you do or say, but don’t worry about them. You can’t please everyone. People are going to judge you anyway, so fuck it! Be honest with yourself 🙂 This experience has taught me to love myself and it also taught me who I am.

Let me reintroduce myself to you all! Hi! My name is Heather, and I’m a compassionate writer and teacher. I try to place no judgment on to others, but I am Human so it’s difficult to avoid at times. I voice my opinions loud and proud, and I have a sarcastic wit that can piss people off. I can be insensitive to others, but that’s okay because I love strongly and hold nothing back. You can expect nothing but honesty from me because that’s what everyone deserves. I give you nothing but respect and love, and yeah I may falter and be a bitch sometimes, but hey! It’s all love, and we’re not perfect. We are just as we are.

Take a moment today to reflect and get to know yourself. Who are you? I know who I am, and I love myself for it. I legitimately love myself, and it’s a fucking breath of fresh air to be able to say that. Not a lot of people can. Comment below who you are 🙂 I’d love to get to know you.

Have a great day everyone! Don’t forget to laugh.


  1. Pamela says:

    HI Heather! Great article and so very, very proud of you. Still finding out who I am and yes I am really beginning to love myself. ♡♡♡

  2. Nyadit says:

    in this moment i am strong, loving, understand, funny, healing, weird, and sometimes crazy person who is on her journey for self love.

    Just last night i made the commitment to love, and forgive myself so that i may move on and enjoy my life.
    Thank for your Post!

  3. Daggi Lamaletie says:

    In truth, emotional honesty is still not my strong suit for now, and still tend to navigate choppy seas with being a “soul of tact” ….however, slowly getting to enjoy a little bad ass attitude

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