Open Communication with Your Spirit Team

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I have no excuse. I just completely forgot hahaha! By the time I remembered it was 9:00pm, and I was exhausted. I have a lot of reading this quarter for school, but at least it’s my last literature class. I have to go to the DMV today to renew my driver’s license. Ugh! I’ve been trying to avoid going there since I first got my license hahaha! I’d do it online, but I have to change my address that’s on my ID, so apparently that means you have to walk-in to do that in person. Why? I don’t know.

Anyway! I channeled Erik for his new Australian blog! We spoke about how to love yourself and how to accept yourself. Read it by clicking here. Yes, he has an Australian blog 😛 Erik wants to reach more of an audience, so he’s spreading to other countries to reach those audiences. He’s getting a blog for the UK and India soon too!

Ever since I wrote that short story, I’ve been having inspiration for my current book. Maybe being forced to write that story for school was a blessing in disguise 😀 I can’t wait to finish it up, and get it published! That’s my new goal for next year. That and mastering trance channeling. I’m getting better at it, but I’m not where I want to be with it. I’m not good enough yet.

Progress update!

I noticed a lot of people like it when I talk about my progress as a medium. I’m getting better at being able to see spirit. I see sparks of color all the time now, and now I’m starting to be able to see Erik without even trying! It won’t be all the time though, but sometimes his face will just pop up and I’ll smile and wave. It’s like he’s made out of a vibration. I can see through him, so he’s not solid. I’m working on it! I’m getting there, and if I can, you all can too.

I think I prefer trance channeling over the other types of channeling. It takes the pressure off of me since it won’t be me talking! I know what I want to do now with it. I’m going to offer private trance channeling services once I get this thing down. Once I master trance channeling Erik, I’m gonna work on trance channeling a friend of mine’s twin flame. I want to trance channel loved ones for people. I’m excited for this!

So now for the topic at hand…

Open Communication with your Guides

It’s imperative to have good communication with your spirit team when you’re wanting to open up your abilities and are learning to hone on your channeling skills. They’re your team! Your main homies. They got your back, and sometimes saying what you want and need is all it takes.

I want you to know that you’re in full control over your life. NOT your guides and NOT your angels. Many people ask for their guides to allow this or for their angels to allow that. No. They control nothing. It’s all you, honey bunny! That can be both releasing for you and scary hahaha! You’re in full control over your life, and YOU get to decide where you want it to go and how. You’re in full control over your contracts and life purpose. You can change those things at any given time. You’re not stuck to one purpose all your life.

Want to change a contract? Want to open up your abilities? Wanna change something about your life? I suggest having a “meeting” with your guides.

Step 1: Self-preparation

Think about what it is you want to talk about with them. What goal are you trying to reach? Organize your thoughts on your goals and then write out a plan on how you’d like to reach that goal. You can write it out on paper if you’d like. This is so you know exactly what you want and have a game plan that your guides and angels can follow you along with.

Step 2: Call out to them!

Take a moment where you’re left alone in a quiet room. You don’t need to channel in order to do this. Call out to them out loud and say, “I’m calling all my guides and angels here for a chat. I want you all here now so I can tell you about my wants and needs.” You don’t have to say exactly that, but something along those lines. It’s imperative to be assertive. I’m not saying be a bitch hahaha! Just be firm in your actions. I’d strongly suggest not saying something like, “uh… Can my guides and angels come? If they want.” That leaves the door open for them to not show up if they don’t want to.

Step 3: Talk about your plans

Tell them about your concerns, goals, wants, and needs with them. Tell them what it is you want from them and how you want them to help with that. Want to open up your abilities more? Tell them to do that for you, and tell them where you want to be with your abilities. Give them a time when you want to have this goal accomplished, and say something like “I want to be here with my abilities in 3 months time, so if we work together, we can get there. Start opening me up more to these abilities at a pace where I’d be at my goal in 3 months.”

Want to change a contract? Talk to your council about it. That’s what everyone calls them (it’s just a label), and they’re in charge of contracts and all that. Same steps apply. Write out why you want to change your contract with someone or why you want to change your life contract, and offer a new contract to replace it with. Call in your council and tell them your plan.

Step 4: Listen to your spirit team

Again, you don’t have to channel, but if you want, tell your team to give you a sign as to why they’re doing what they’re doing. Why are you keeping this contract? Why haven’t your abilities opened up more? They have their reasons too, and it could be for your protection or because you originally planned to not go down this path. Meet them half way and say “communicate with me through a dream where I’ll understand” or “Give me a sign where this means ‘yes’ and that means ‘no’.” It may take a day or two, but be on the look out for a sign. You can use other forms like a pendulum or a card reading.

One good exercise is to lay down and have your palms facing up. Tell them which side means “yes”, which side means “no”, and perhaps maybe a tap on the chest means “maybe”. Ask them simple “yes” or “no” questions and tell them to touch you on the appropriate hand for the answer. It may feel like a tingle, a vibration, or you might feel cold or hot on that spot. It may take them a few minutes, but be patient and ask the question again if a few minutes past without an answer.

Step 5: Give thanks

Thank your spirit team for everything they have done and tell them you love them! They’re not here to hold you back or to keep you from things. They’re here to help guide you, protect you, teach you, heal you, and love you. They’re like a loving parent, and sometimes you need to tell your parents that you’re all grown up and ready to spread your wings!




  1. Jenny says:

    Great blog and good points on owning your life! I started with communicating with my team by leaving them post-it notes. LOL. Whatever you feel gets the ball rolling!

  2. Cheryl says:

    Wow heather thank you so much for the great advise. I talk to my team every night before bed but I ask them instead of telling them to get there butts over here and listen to me. Lol. So I see now why it hasn’t been working for me. I appreciate all the wisdom you give us we are very lucky to have you in our life’s. Hugs and much love to you heather and thank you again.

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