Quick Announcement: Short Stories and Essential Oils

Just some news if ya’ll haven’t heard! I’m going to be publishing a series of short stories on my blog maybe once or twice a month. I already started working on a couple of them. Some of them won’t be short stories necessarily and more like a mini series where I share short excerpts of the progression of the story each month.

Some ideas I have so far for some good stories are: a series of short fictional stories that revolve around abortion, a time traveling historical fiction involving the French writer Voltaire, and a dark comedy about millennials growing up in today’s society.

If you’re interested, make sure you subscribe if you haven’t already 🙂 I think I’ll post the first excerpt next week.

Another quick announcement!

A friend of mine, Teresa, started her own business where she sells essential oils 🙂 If you don’t know what essential oils are, they’re highly concentrated version of the natural oils in plants, which can be used for many different reasons and in many different ways. I own some essential oils that I sniff to help raise my vibration whenever I feel stressed out or sad. Some essential oils can help with digestion, depression, colds, vertigo, panic attacks, fatigue, etc. They can help with cooking, cleaning, and making your house smell nice 🙂

I know there are lots of brands out there, and I don’t know a whole lot about them. I wanted to help her out, though, because she has done sooo much for me and has always been very supportive 🙂 I wanted to reciprocate that. So I’m not getting paid to do any of this! I genuinely think her product to be authentic because it’s coming from an outstanding woman and mother.

When I asked my friend what she wanted you to know about her product and what makes hers unique verses all the others that are out there, she said: “For those that are spiritually based [or just know a whole lot about essential oils], you know how important ‘pure’ and ‘natural’ oils are when they are placed into a diffuser via drops and misted into the air for asthma, anxiety, depression,relaxation, colds and flu, etc., mixed with a carrier oil such as vegetable, coconut, and worn on the skin as fragrance, added to juice, food, etc. These are THE only oils that have undergone a systematic series of actions from ‘seed’ to ‘seal’ process that tells us that they are THE purest form of oil for whatever your need(s) are.

“The only cost to start is to buy a ‘preliminary’ kit that contains a diffuser and 10 oils worth over $300, which will be only a $160.00 investment! For what you get, this is quite reasonable, affordable and is a very good start for the average person to begin building their own Young Essential Oil business. Everyone has the chance, ability to make a success of such an endeavor that is so practical and useful for every walk, situation of life. They smell so good too!”

I buy essential oils, and they can be super pricey (I might spend up to $50 on just TWO different essential oils. Hella fucking expensive, right?) It’s honestly a good price for what you’re getting. You’re also helping out a fellow Channeling Erik blog member as well if you’re familiar with it <3

Here’s a photo taken from her Facebook page, which you can follow by clicking here. It’s of the diffuser along with two essential oils that she is using to help with her asthma 🙂 Just in case you were wondering what the diffuser was.













You can also go to the business website by clicking here, which is where you can make your purchases if interested. They’ll ask you to put in Teresa’s ID number so that she can get credit for the sale 🙂 which is: 12860258