Remembering My True Self

So I want to start offering services again, but I can’t do that with my schedule. I babysit for my sister while my brother-in-law is off fighting forest fires. We don’t know when he’ll be sent off to a fire or when he’ll come back from one, so I can’t set a definite time for appointments. I found a way around it! I started a Facebook group where you can post questions and have discussions about spiritual development, spiritual experiences, and the like. I’ll be posting when I have availability and it’ll be on a first come, first serve basis. I’ll also do some trance channeling stuff and maybe even offer some mediumship readings every once in a while.

Anyway, so I had a pretty unique experience last night. I wanted to know what my blood type was, but I have no idea what it is because nobody ever told me. I thought maybe they’d have it in my baby book in the section where it stated facts about my weight and all that. As I was searching through, I was struck by the feeling of such childlike innocence, but also immense wisdom. It felt like my higher self, Yucka, was right there with me, and her energy filled up all the pages in my baby book. Every single letter written screamed Yucka’s presence. There was a picture of me in the baby book where I was just minutes old, and the first thought that crept into my head when I saw it was, “oh great. Here I am doing this again.” I chuckled to myself when that thought came in because the look on my baby face said it all.

I looked at my baptism picture when I was just a few months old and saw so much of my higher self in the eyes. As I was reading what my mom wrote in the baby book, thoughts came into my mind. They said, “you are meant to be here. You are here to teach others love and acceptance. You are here to bring light and healing. You are here to not be afraid to be yourself. You are here to be a teacher.” I got this overwhelming feeling of remembering who I truly am, and in that moment I loved myself. I love who I am, and now that I remember who that person is, I want to strive to become that person again. Someone that isn’t driven by ego. This path isn’t for everyone because having your ego is important and safe to have, and I will have my ego to a certain extent. However, I want to thin it out a little bit more.

I think I was meant to go through that baby book last night. No, I didn’t find out my blood type, but I gained something more. I now remember my reason for incarnating, and I felt all the connections and entanglement I have withe everyone around me. It was the most beautiful thing ever! Just sharing here 🙂 maybe you all should try looking at some old baby photos of yourself or going through your baby book! Hope ya’ll have a fan-fucking-tastic day!

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