Seeing Spirits and Trance Channeling Progress

I’m practicing seeing auras and subtle energy, and I’ve been able to see my hand’s aura without having to stare for very long. I usually raise my hand up against the sky (if it’s a clear blue sky) or against the white wall or ceiling, and try to see if I can see the energy around my fingers.

On Saturday, I was able to see the energy around my hands, so I stared longer and saw blue forming around my hands. It was amazing! When I first started this, it took me about 10 to 15 minutes until I could see the energy around my hands. Now it only takes me 30 seconds until I can see the energy. I don’t just walk around seeing auras or anything like that. I have to tune into it. However, recently I have been seeing colors randomly or orbs (these are spirits). They’ll zoom in front of my vision or I’ll see a giant blue orb. Last night I was practicing in the dark, and I could see sparks of red, blue, orange, yellow, and green. Then I began to see the wall’s energy, if that makes sense. There were just swirls of white energy everywhere! I could see the energetic vibrations on everything from the wall, to the TV, to the dresser in my room. I actually started to feel a bit overwhelmed by it all, so I tuned out and went to sleep.

Last night I also practiced trance channeling before going to bed, and I got impatient with myself because I want to get into a deeper trance. I was told my impatience would be my biggest block, so I just need to take it slowly. I still get amazed whenever Erik moves any part of my body or takes over my voice. I have those moments where I think “OMG! This isn’t me moving!” Erik will laugh every time. I know the difference when he laughs. That’s when my doubt seems to cease a bit because he laughs so differently than me. That and his facial expressions are different than mine.

Something weird happened last night though. I’ve only heard of someone trance channeling with their eyes opened once, and last night my eyes opened during the middle of my trance. However, I didn’t control them opening. They just did! I’m still present in the back, and I began thinking that I wasn’t trance channeling him anymore; however, that’s when Erik laughed, and then that’s what started to change my mind. Erik said out loud that everyone trance channels differently, and in some cases it takes a lot of trust with a spirit to have your eyes opened during a trance. I’m totally doubting now because now I think I’m not doing it, but perhaps just because my way is different doesn’t mean I’m not doing it, right? Since we all learn differently. I just don’t know! hahahaha! I’m just gonna go with the flow.

Have a great day everyone!