Should You Watch Scary Movies?

Someone asked the following question:

I used to love watching scary movies.  Now I don’t get as excited about them and often wonder because I’m awakening I shouldn’t be watching them.  What’s your take on this? Do you think it’s okay to watch a scary movie for entertainment?


Like I always say, people will have different beliefs on this. But remember that beliefs ARE. NOT. FACTS. Neither are mine 😉 my belief is this: do whatever the fuck it is you want. Want to watch a scary movie? Go for it! You’re not any less “awakened” or “enlightened” compared to someone who doesn’t. There is no measure for that. At least not to me because we are each “awakened” in different ways and on different levels. How can you measure something like that? People may try to, but it’s in general terms.

Anyway! I don’t believe scary movies are a “bad” thing. However, there are some that let that energy or the fear based images from those films seep into their mind, and it can affect them later on. They may get scared while channeling thinking that something that happened to a girl in the scary movie might happen to them while communicating to a spirit. That’s when I express caution because you don’t want to have negative experiences. However, if you can tell the difference between entertainment/fantasy and reality, like I can, then go ahead and enjoy! If you WANT to watch a scary movie, then do it. If you don’t, then don’t. Some people who do become “awakened” or “enlightened” tend to not want to watch scary movies anymore. Does that mean that someone who still does is less “awakened”? Hell no! Everyone is different, and the “awakening” process and becoming “awakened” is different for everyone. Enjoy what you enjoy. A lot of the scary movies today deal with the paranormal, so people that study spirituality laugh at it and find the scary movie a comedy or unbelievable because it doesn’t fit to their beliefs. That could be why they don’t want to watch it.

Some people say, “well the fear based images from the films seeps into their subconscious.” Okay, well if you believe that, don’t go watching scary movies then! If you don’t believe it’ll affect you, then it won’t. I get easily affected by movies and shows. I watch this show called Shameless. I LOVE that show, but it’s a drama, and sometimes it makes me sad afterwards. I can always put up better boundaries so as to not allow that. I lost my interest in scary movies until recently hahaha! I think mainly because I’m picky on my scary movies, and I never liked any of the new ones until recently. There is one scary movie coming out in a couple of months that looks promising.

So what do I say to this question? Do what you want to do. Watch what you want to watch, and don’t allow for anyone to tell you that you’re “less awakened” just because you choose to watch certain things. That’s bullshit. Like I always say: Don’t tell me what to do.

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