Some Poems for the Soul

I should be doing my homework, but instead I decided to write a post. Procrastination at its finest! My confidence with my spiritual coaching lessons has gone up. I was so rusty when I started out, but now I think I’ve gotten back into the swing of things. Oh yeah, and I started offering services again for those that don’t know. I kind of started doing them on the “down low” hahahaha! I’m not sure how long I will continue to offer them, but I’ve been having the energy and time to keep it up.

In other news! I decided to stay in school to get my Master’s in Psychology and a minor in Philosophy. I eventually want to have a doctorate. I’m going to be that person that just has a degree in everything hahahaha! I love learning new things. I’m also loving my screenplay and poetry courses this quarter. I wrote my first script ever! I was soooo stressed about it because I hadn’t had the first fucking clue how to write a screenplay. I kept overthinking everything and double-checking on the formatting, but I have an A in the class. That means I must be doing something right. Since I am the master at procrastination, I had my script due this week and you want to know when I started writing it? The day it was due. Yep! Good ol’ Heather just stressing her life away with last minute typings. It took me a total of 4 hours to type that bitch up, but I got it! I did it, and it’ll be glorious! Or I’ll totally fail. Now my overconfidence has me thinking: I can totally be a screenplay writer. I’m a professional now. Everyone step aside! hahahaha! I totally am NOT, and I’m hoping I get at least a decent grade on this. I was thinking of posting the script here, but decided against it. I want to see my grade first before I make a complete ass of myself. That way I can make a complete ass of myself, but be an A student while doing it šŸ˜‰ hahahahaha!

The script had to be 10-12 pagesĀ and we weren’t allowed to write more than that or we’d get an automatic 0. Me being a novelist, I was thinking: whaaat!!!???? You can’t suppress inspiration! If I want my script to be 15 or 20 pages, then it will! But no, I decided to adhere to the rules because I feel as though my professor wouldn’t like my “free-spirited” attitude. He is the one that has to read it in the end, and he most likely doesn’t want to be stuck reading 20 pages of script from nearly every student. My script ended up being 17 pages, so I had to cut out scenes that I really wanted to keep.

Having said that about my script writing progress, I have no problem sharing my poems.

This one is called New LoveĀ (free verse)

Hopeful arrival like a bundle of butterflies
Set to release into the void
And I cry as I feel this bundle
For I have begun to see the sun rise, over the black abyss
Lighting up all in its path
The shadows themselves begin to dissipate
Being chased out by the guard of love
The savior of all things good and pure
And as I carry this bundle of butterflies
They will flutter free from the encompasses of my heart
And the sky will shine brighter
Like a newborn day, when the rain
Has ceased from within me
My butterflies will grace the sky with its presence


This second one is called… Uh… False Peace??? Yeah, let’s go with that one. This is a free verse, short-line poem

Light the flames of anguish
In all of our hearts
Rip out the temptation
Of complacency
Never shall we be silent
Tarnish the need for comfort
For we will never find it here
Only illusions of peace
That light the flames of our anguish
In all of our hearts


This is calledĀ TraitsĀ and it’s aĀ villanelle form

I thank you, but I blame you
You have given me love and hate
But I am stronger from you two
My alcoholism from you is transcended by my humor that grew
I was taught to be selfish, but respect set me straight
I thank you, but I blame you
For giving me my independence in lieu of my temper trait
You gave me leadership skills, but made me become a judgmental ingrate
But I am stronger from you two
My passive-aggressive tendencies are due to you
But my humble demeanor compensates
I thank you, but I blame you
My exaggerations make me fight to be true
But my discipline balances me out, so I can fight to dissipate
But I am stronger from you two
To the father with integrity that taught me my issues
And to the mother with the most love that gave me the desire for self-mutilation
I thank you, but I blame you
But I am stronger from you two

And this final one is calledĀ Sister and it’s a Sonnet

You look at me with disrespect
But know I love you all the same
No, Iā€™m not the perfect speck
I have lost in this game
I forgot to get to know you
Now you seem so far away
I cannot put this on you
Because it is I who turned the stray
You have grown like a flower
And I began to wilt to dust
Please let me become your tower
I will support you like I must
I have fallen back behind
I can make it, just give me time

Alright, I guess I’ll go finish my other homework assignments. Everyone enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to laugh! šŸ˜€

Me when I was writing my script: