Spending Time With Your Spirit Team

Your guides and angels are your spirit team, and it’s important to have a relationship with them. I don’t know about you, but for me, I like to have a fun and buddy-buddy relationship with my team. I don’t like formal things. That’s my spirit team! Why do I have to be formal with them? They probably know me better than I know myself.

I’m here to encourage you to have an open relationship with your spirit team, whether it’s formal or casual. There are a couple of ways you get started on this amazing and blossoming relationship.

Open Conversation

This works for even those who think you can’t channel (here’s a hint: everyone can channel). You don’t need to wait for a response from them or try to listen for one because if they do respond to you, it will be in a way you’ll understand. Just start talking out loud to them, or write letters to them. What I use to do was write in a journal and say “dear guides and angels…” They’ll read it! They know you are trying to reach out to them because they watch over you 24/7! They’ll read it as you write it or it’ll be “downloaded” to them later as new information.

If you ask for a response, they will give you a sign that pops out to you. It may be seeing the same series of numbers like “1234” or “444” or “555”. It could be that you see a bird or animal that really sticks out to you. It could even be a dream! There are so many ways your spirit team may communicate back to you. Just keep an open mind and let go of expectation.



Another way to communicate is through your dreams. You don’t have to know how to astral project to do this (another hint: everyone astral projects at least once in their life). Just think about your spirit team before falling asleep and say to them “I want to meet you in my dreams. Meet me halfway by meeting me there, and I will put the intention out there.” Then put the intention out there. I usually say, “I will meet my spirit team in my dreams, and I will remember it when I wake up. This will happen for me because I want it to.” I say that a few more times until I feel satisfied and secure that it’ll work, and then I fall asleep.

Sometimes they don’t visit in dream state that night. It may happen a couple of nights later, but don’t lose hope if it doesn’t happen fast enough for you. Spirit tends to be on its own time, which can be frustrating for us humans. However, the visitations through my dreams is my absolute favorite! They don’t happen all the time, but when they do, they leave me feeling happy!


I’d like to share with you a dream I had last night with my spirit team. Instead of sitting there and talking to them, I like to have fun with them. We act out scenarios in my dreams like a massive tsunami or a zombie apocalypse. It’s my favorite thing to do! I know it’s a dream while I’m dreaming, so I don’t feel any fear.

This dream last night happened to be a zombie apocalypse setting, and I was hiding with my boyfriend (Josh) and four other people. These other people were my guides. There was an older woman, her boyfriend, the woman’s teenage daughter, and then another man. The woman was very controlling and power hungry. She was very much like a dictator in the group, and Josh and I were planning to escape from the group. She found out about it, and she and her boyfriend killed Josh while I was out scavenging for food.

I came back to the house we were hiding out in, and I instantly felt like something was off. I went to talk to the woman and her boyfriend. She was smoking, and kept blowing her smoke in my face. I asked her where Josh was, and she said, “I don’t know! He might have left and escaped without you.” I knew that wasn’t right, so I went out to the living room. Guilt was eating up the teenage daughter, and she finally broke and told me the truth.I felt devastated that Josh was killed, and I was screaming and crying on the floor.  The daughter was sitting on the couch with her arms crossed like she was pouting. She said, “this game isn’t so much fun with violence in it.” The older woman was in the other room and yelled, “it’s not fun when you break character either!” I stood up and said to the guide playing the teenage daughter, “if you don’t wanna play, you can leave if you want.” The daughter said, “no, it’s fine. I’ll get through it. I’ll be fine. Let’s continue!”

I went back to feeling devastated until anger overtook me. I gathered up the daughter and the one man, and we plotted to kill the woman and her boyfriend. The daughter said, “good. I’m tired of her. My mother, I mean.” I said, “okay good, when they come in, you two take down the boyfriend and I’ll take down the woman.” I started to collect up a machete to attach to my belt along with a hunting knife and a rifle. When the woman and the boyfriend walked into the room, I shot her in the chest and shock overtook her as she fell down and died.

After the other two killed the boyfriend, we left outside to find a truck that worked. We eventually found one, and I sat in the bed of the truck as we drove. We found a couple of hitch hikers on the road and picked them up. It was another man and woman. I recognized the guide playing the hitchhiking man from my previous dreams, and he sat in the bed of the truck with me.

We continued driving when a huge pack of zombies started coming towards us. They didn’t walk slowly though. They sprinted really fast, and they were catching up to us. I yelled, “who made them run fast!” The man driving the truck said, “I did! It makes it more fun!” The daughter said, “that’s scary!”

I took out my machete and started hitting them on their heads, and my other guides joined in with me. We were outnumbered though, and I could tell I was going to die from the zombies. One of the zombies scratched me, but I created the rule (at that second) that it had to be a bite and not a nail scratch to make you turn into a zombie. Everyone agreed instantaneously, and we continued whacking at the zombies.

I got bored after a while because it was clear we were going to die. I didn’t want to go through the sensation of getting eaten, so I said, “pause!” Everyone stopped, and so did the zombies. “I’m done playing. I’m a zombie now I guess.” I jumped out of the truck, and so did my guides. We walked over to an overhang that had picnic tables and a snack bar area. A couple of spirits that were portraying the zombies joined us too, and we sat down at a table to eat and drink.


Weird dream, right? But it was a lot of fun! Some of you would consider that a nightmare, but for me, it wasn’t. It was like playing an intense game of paintball or something. I encourage you all to develop a close relationship with your spirit team. You chose them to help guide you through life, so you know them well enough on a spiritual level. They’re your friends, and having that close relationship with them will only help benefit you 🙂



  1. Chuke Arah Jr says:

    I will like to reconnect and communicate regularly with my SPIRIT TEAM. Please help and advise. Thanks.

    • Heather Quinto says:

      You can try automatic writing or apply the tips I said in this post. If you’re wanting to channel, I suggest meditating first. It’s all about finding the right meditation that fits for you. Anything that helps to relax you is a form of meditation. It can be exercising, gardening, cleaning, breathing exercises, etc. Once you find the right meditation for you, your mind will begin to relax. This gives you a perfect opportunity to begin to open up for communication. You have to believe you can do this though or else it will block you off. Don’t build up too high of an expectation either, and be open to the different ways that you could receive contact. Maybe you might feel more intuitively than hear in your head. Or you might get goosebumps, chills, hear sounds, get vivid dreams, etc. Just be open to different types of contact. How I started out was doing guided meditations on opening your third eye. You can do this by looking up guided meditations online or through binaural beats videos that help to open your third eye (they can be found for free online). A lot of people start out with automatic writing, and that’s a certain type of channeling. You take out a notebook or piece of paper with a pen or pencil and start asking questions in your head. You can also write out the questions if that helps. Then write down what first comes into your mind. For some people it’s images or symbols, others get phrases and one worded responses, and some get full blown sentences and paragraphs. If you run out of questions or it gets quiet in your head, don’t stop writing! Don’t stop moving that pen! You’ll lose connection. Instead when quiet moments happen and you don’t want to stop channeling, start writing “I love you” and “thank you” or just start scribbling until you come up with a question or something else pops into your head.

      • Chuke Arah Jr says:

        Hello Heather,
        Thanks for your instant response. Now with My Guides, My Angels, as My SPIRIT TEAM, where does my HIGHER SELF fit into that picture; and how do they relate, if at all they do.
        Chuke Arah Jr

        • Heather Quinto says:

          Your higher self is you. There is always a part of you that’s still int he afterlife as you’re living an incarnated life. Your higher self helps you as well, but not as much as your guides and angels since they are learning the lessons and going through the life experiences just as you are.

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