Suicide and Contracts

Someone asked the following question:

“My darling 20 year old daughter took her own life two months ago. Do you think suicides are soul contracts, decided before they come here? If souls are happy and free when they transition, why do they cry when speaking through a medium?  Is it because their energy is lowered?”


I don’t think ALL of them are soul contracts, but I do think that some are. First let me go over what a contract is exactly. It’s not a literal piece of paper you sign and are bound to forever. Nothing is set permanently, and you can add and change contracts before and during your lifetime. A contract is pretty much a term used that you agreed to act as a role and to do certain actions to create certain experiences during a lifetime. You don’t necessarily HAVE to follow through, and if you decide not to, it’s not seen as “bad”. It just is what it is. You can also agree to a contract during the middle of a lifetime as well as get out of a contract. Just last night I created a new contract with my boyfriend, which is awesome!

However, you have to do more than just say “I wanna change this.” You actually have change it through your everyday actions. For instance, say you don’t want to feel depressed all the time. You’re tired of this sadness. Simply asking for it won’t change it. You have to work for it by trying to work on a positive mind set, maybe start doing meditation to help lift your vibrations, or see a therapist, etc. Your guides and angels will help you along the way to give you that extra boost, but you do need to take the initiative.

So yes, it is possible that someone who took their life was contracted to do so because they agreed to that contract. However, when it isn’t contracted, that person will have a lot of work to do on the other side. The lives they should have come across and the experiences and lessons they should have given will now have to be given while they are in spirit, which is so much more difficult when not incarnated. Does this mean they are not at peace? No. They are in a place where there is nothing but unconditional love and acceptance. They just have to be more creative with how they will help the lives they should have while incarnated. Sometimes, the soul will choose to incarnate again right away.

When a spirit cries during a reading, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are sad. It could be the medium’s filter and them perceiving it as that or it could be the spirit showing that they understand and can feel the sadness of their loved ones, so showing that they’re crying may be their way of saying “hey, I get it. You’re upset, and I feel what you feel. I love you.” Because to Humans, crying is a way to show happiness, exhaustion, and sadness. People cry for so many reasons, and the symbolism behind that may be what the spirit is trying to convey. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are crying and that they’re sad.

When spirits are newly crossed over or choose to stay in the physical plane after death, they are still attached to their human ego. When a spirit crosses over to the after life, it takes a bit of time for them to shed their human ego. So when a spirit shows up to a reading crying, take into consideration how newly crossed over they are. Did they just cross over yesterday? A month ago? 2 years ago? Even when spirits transition, they can hold on to negative feelings, but it’s very fleeting. It’s like trying to hold onto air. They have to really work at it and try to hold on to dense emotions because they are in a place of pure love. So if a spirit were to be sad or upset, it’d only last for a second and quickly go away before that sense of peace and unconditional love takes over.

In your case, my intuition says that it’s something that has to do with the translation in the reading. Your daughter isn’t really sad, she is either trying to convey a message by using crying as symbolism or means to send a message or the medium’s filter is involved. It could be a little of both too.

I always think of Ariel from The Little Mermaid whenever I talk about contracts hahahaha!

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