Surviving the Human Experience: Why You Don’t Debate with People (A Philosophical Post)

Let’s take a moment to discuss debating. It’s impossible to avoid someone with a differing opinion than you, but it IS possible to avoid debating with someone. It’s so simple! Just don’t do it. Some people like to argue, and they find it a form of art. As for me? I hate confrontation, and I think debating leads to nowhere. At the end of it, nobody has changed their opinion and everyone is just mad. You’re lying if you say you haven’t gotten angry at someone during a debate. It may have just been a slight rise in anger that quickly went away, but it was there. It’s part of being human and is in fact a natural instinct. Watch that episode of “Adam Ruins Everything” and it’s a fact that people feel targeted when someone else has a differing opinion than them. Even displaying facts that prove your point won’t deter them. They will feel more compelled to stick to their opinion even if it’s been proven through scientific fact that it’s wrong.

That’s humans for ya! Stubborn and prideful.

Let’s begin with a bit of a lesson on the human ego, beliefs, and facts. I like to think of myself as a philosopher since I enjoy studying the subject, so this lesson is merely from my standpoint from studies and not facts. Then again, no philosopher has presented facts at all. Just ideas.

You are born with an ego, and this ego is needed. It is to protect you and guide you while you are here on Earth. It’s important to have an ego, which a lot of “spiritual gurus” will disagree with me. I think “transcending” your ego is bullshit. If you didn’t want an ego, then you shouldn’t have picked to be human, huh? It comes with the territory, and you’re pretty much fighting yourself if you try to transcend it. You’re gonna have a bad time!

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Your higher self (YOU. Your higher self is not a separate entity than you. It’s YOU) chose for yourself to have certain personality traits, skills, etc. Just basic things to help form your personality in this lifetime. Each trait, skill, and even physical attributes cater to your lifetime and hold a special purpose. You may have decided to be a natural born fast runner with the personality trait of being competitive and determined. When combined, this would make a great athlete! Which that might be what you “signed up” to be in this lifetime.

However, there are things you pick up as you age and go through society. It may be that you believe in a Christian faith, which that faith was given to you by your parents because they made you go to church. Or society teaches you to distrust the police because of the neighborhood you grew up in. Or say you get your heart broken real bad by a guy, and now you have abandonment issues. Just naming examples here. Everything else you pick up throughout your lifetime are called beliefs. This adds more to your ego as you go through the human experience.

Anything that cannot be scientifically proven as a fact, is a belief. Sometimes people mix up beliefs and facts. For instance, it is a common belief and understanding in most societies that killing is wrong. Pretty sure everyone here will agree with that. Some may say certain circumstances make it okay. Like say if it were a serial killer being given the death penalty. Then it is okay to kill. No scientific studies have been done to prove that killing is in fact “wrong.” And just because enough people agree with it, doesn’t make it a fact either. That’s not how the scientific method works. I know that was a bit of a dramatic example, but you get the point.

Anything that is not a FACT is a BELIEF, which means it is open to your interpretation.

Having said that, nobody has the “right” to tell someone that their beliefs are “wrong.” Say someone believes in a Christian faith. You are have no ground to stand on when stating that their belief is wrong because yours can easily be as wrong as well. Then again, there is no “right” or “wrong.” That is a human construct. There only just Is. That’s all there is. Then again, that’s my belief 😉

So given these thoughts, I find it pointless to debate on which president is better, or if pineapple really does belong on pizza (it doesn’t…).

So when you see someone make a post about something you disagree with, you can choose to respond with your differing opinion and risk the potential of sparking a verbal fight, or you can let them be. Because in a world where infinite knowledge is at your fingertips, you have to CHOOSE to remain ignorant.

What sparked this post was when a Facebook friend of mine shared a photo stating that the flag and national anthem has nothing to do with our president, which she is absolutely right about, but then she said that “taking a knee” doesn’t disrespect Trump but America. She thought this form of protest was people showing their disdain for the newly elected president. That’s where she went “wrong” with facts. The FACT is that #Takeaknee is actually about protesting police brutality and racism. It has NOTHING to do with the president. In fact, the football player who started this trend started to sit during the national anthem 13 months ago. Trump has only been president since January 20th of this year.

I could have said something to her. I really could have, but I stopped myself because I knew she WANTED to believe it’s about Trump. She would fight me tooth and nail to defend her belief because she wants that to remain her reality. People may have lost/misunderstood the meaning of #Takeaknee, but that doesn’t mean the meaning of it changed. It’s still the same meaning as it always was before people started misreading it.

If you want to prove someone is “wrong” by stating the real facts, like say to flat earthers, just don’t. They could just as easily research, but they choose not to because they want to stay in their bubble. This woman chose NOT to research the truth behind #Takeaknee. There would be no point in stating anything to them or even sharing facts because they most likely will not listen. In fact, like I stated before, they’d STILL defend their opinion despite scientific fact proving that they’re incorrect.

Just some food for thought 🙂

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