The Beginning of Adulting 101

I know I don’t post as often as I should, but since the bulk of my audience are teens and young adults, I decided on doing a bi-monthly (or at least monthly) post on tips about being an adult. I’ll cover things like how to make a doctor’s appointment, what are taxes (seriously, what are they?), how to take out a loan, how to make (and keep) friends, and so on. I have been going around aimlessly for years not knowing how to–let’s say–book a surgery, and I have gotten into some funny misadventures as a result.

I got an epiphany, though! So many people (like myself) have zero clue what’s going on around them in terms of how to be a functional adult. We know the pythagorean theorem from Geometry, and you gotta love those imaginary numbers from Algebra 2! But we know zilch about actual things in today’s world that we seriously need to know. I decided to take the adulting challenge and put myself in awkward situations in order to figure out: How the hell do you live life in a capitalist society? 🙂 Wish me luck! And I’ll go through hell so you don’t have to.

And for those that think this is a dumb idea and we should know all this already, I couldn’t agree with you more. We should! But nobody taught us, so here we are 🙂 Here I am doing this. And you may be thinking: Why not google what you need to know? Well because it’s a lot more fun telling a hilarious story about how I got lost at my eye doctor appointment rather than just googling the answer 😉 Plus, memorable stories mean a better chance of the knowledge sticking to the person (basic Psychology).

And I’m also a writer who happens to write stories, so… You know, I’m going to be doing that any way with these blog posts.

Have a great weekend, you guys 🙂