The Friday Challenge and Channeling Yucka: One Healthy Thing

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a great week. I channeled Yucka this morning, and I made her mad for a second. She’s so cute when she’s angry 🙂

Me: Okay, Yucka. Let’s talk.

Yucka: (Giggles) Hi, Heather.

Me: How are you?

Yucka: I’m doing wonderful! (does a twirl) I see that you’re feeling as nervous as ever.

Me: Yeah, I am.

Yucka: You’re constantly tapping your feet. Did you want to talk about it?

Me: Nah, I already know why I’m so nervous. I just gotta calm myself down

Yucka: Oh! Oh! Oh! This could be the Friday Challenge! Learning how to take control of your emotional state of mind.

Me: That’s a good one. How do we do that?

Yucka: It requires meditation, mental discipline, and some concentration.

I leave to go to the bathroom.

Me: Okay. I’m back.

Yucka: (Giggles) Alright, so a lot of people feel disempowered by others. They allow for themselves to feel disempowered by others…. (my sister walks in and we start talking about us losing weight and parts of our bodies that we feel uncomfortable with. Yucka giggles and Erik’s higher self, Sinelio, is smirking).

Me: Sorry. Go ahead and start again.

Yucka: You should really take better care of your bodies.

Me: Says the person who can make herself skinny (I snap my fingers) like that.

Yucka: You can do the same. You just have to try harder at manifesting it. You have to take action and run. You should really start running again.

Me: (I roll my eyes) No. I hated running. Always have.

Yucka: But you were so good at it. You don’t have to run for competition anymore. Just run for fun!

Me: I don’t wanna.

Yucka: Laziness! (she sounded kind of angry)

Me: Yep, pretty much.

(Yucka has her hands on her hips, and looks serious)

Me: What?

Yucka: You need to start taking better care of yourself, young lady. You got a future to live for. Stop eating Hot Cheetos!

Me: I thought we were talking about taking control of our emotions.

Yucka: Don’t change the subject!

Me: I actually think that was you that did, so…

(Erik looks away nervously like “you did not just say that to her”)

Yucka: (With her hands still on her hips. She made herself appear taller now, and she’s looking down at me) You will run! And you will like it! Or I will come and kick your ass, little lady!

Me: Pfft no you can’t! (I start to hear a loud ringing in my ears, and I laugh) Is she looking like one of those cartoon characters where they get all mad and the steam is coming out of their ears? And it sounds like a steam engine?

Erik: (He runs his fingers through his hair) Heather, stop.

Me: Why?

Erik: Because I have to deal with her too! That’s why. She’s scary when she’s mad. (He laughs)

Yucka: Erik! Go to your own blog! (she calmed down real quickly) Now, Heather, please take better care of yourself. You need a healthy body and it will help with your channeling. I suggest doing a cleansing. New Friday Challenge! Ooooh! (claps her hands) How exciting! Okay, so I want everyone to do one healthy thing today. Just one. You think you can manage that, Heather?

Me: I have homework to do, so I was thinking about drinking.

Yucka: (Puts her head and arms down, and dangles there) Don’t drink and do your homework.

My sister comes in again and we talk. Yucka stands there with her hands on her hips and waits

Me: Okay, so something healthy.

Yucka: Yes! One thing healthy. It can be going for a walk, choosing to eat a bowl of fruit instead of potato chips, or deciding to ACTUALLY EAT YOUR DINNER!!!

She was yelling at me on that last part. I always forget to eat.

Yucka: I want you to do at least one healthy thing, and I want you to take note of how you feel afterward. Do you feel happy? Confident? Relaxed? And compare it to how you feel when you choose to eat those potato chips instead. I want this to go beyond the Friday Challenge–

Me: That’s just asking too much

Yucka: (Gives me a stern look) I expect at least you to do this. Try to keep up with that one healthy thing all next week too, and then each week add one healthy thing to your list. Get it?

Me: Yeah, I get it.

Yucka: Good! Now do your homework and NO drinking!

Have a wonderful weekend you guys! I love you all <3


  1. Siret says:

    hahaha “go to your own blog!” lmao
    i’m loving your higher self, I think i’d sound pretty much like her when my son is older “no alcohol, do you homework, exercise!” but you know she’s damn right, your body is your temple, no kidding! why do you like to argue with her? oh yes, i forgot, you’re 21! guess she’s gonna make hersefl taller and taller everytime lol
    anyway, i love you Heather, i’m just as stubborn as you are, or maybe even more 😉

    ps: i know i have said it before, but please drink more water! cant’ stress it enough

    • Heather Quinto says:

      I know. I only drink about 2 cups a day sometimes. Yucka is the best! She’s giggling right now since I’m complimenting her 🙂 she truly is amazing! I love you too!!! <3

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