The Project I’ve Been Working On

Instead of an excerpt today, I’m going to talk about this project that I’ve been working on for the past 2 months.

I’m holding interviews for the spirits that lived in the Wolfe Manor here in my hometown. The city of Clovis had ordered for it to be demolished last year, and I took the demolishment real hard. I don’t know why or how, but I felt strangely connected to it. I would astral project there in my sleep, and there was a spirit there that I was very fond of. Her name was Mary, and we’d spend time in her room together laughing and dancing.

She came to me in a dream the day before I found out about the city ordering for the demolishment. She was crying and in distress. She was begging me for my help, and for me to do something. I couldn’t do anything. There was nothing that could be done. I told her that maybe the house being demolished would be a good time for her to move on. I told her I’d do everything I could. When I woke up that morning, my mother told me that on the news the city had ordered for the house to be demolished. I was so shocked, and that’s when I knew that dream wasn’t just a dream. It was a visit, and a cry for help.

I felt like I failed Mary in a way because I couldn’t save the house. I wrote a letter to all the spirits and lit a candle for them in front of the Wolfe Manor. I cried like crazy, and I could feel them surrounding me. We were all crying together.

Now I was given the awesome opportunity to help write the narration for the documentary on the Wolfe Manor. It’ll be a short story of the history of the house and how the spirits felt living in the home. That night after being contacted and accepting this opportunity, seven spirits from the home showed up in my bedroom eager to tell their story. I had to have my spirit buddy Erik keep them at a distance because their presence was causing me to have nightmares. One of the spirits stayed with me all day that next morning. He was the one I liked to call the “Big Scary Man in the Basement”. He had a lot of pain and anger, but he wanted to stay near me all day because he said my light was “healing to him”. My friend Mary had already moved on, and I was wanting to help the “Big Scary man in the Basement” too. He chuckled at the name I had given him, and he said that he wasn’t all that bad. He stayed near me for a couple of days, and Erik kept him at bay and made sure he didn’t get too close. I haven’t seen much of him, and I’m hoping it’s because he moved on.

I still haven’t turned in the short story yet because I got a whole line up of spirits waiting for me. I STILL haven’t gotten through them all. There were a lot of spirits in that home, and there are a lot that still need healing. On top of interviewing them, I’m also helping to heal them so that they can move on. Yep, I’m now a ghost therapist hahaha! I’m so excited to have been given this opportunity, and I’m even more humbled that I get to help these spirits officially “cross over”.

I’ll let you all know when the documentary is finished 🙂 Have a great day everyone! I love you <3




Mary’s room

Mary's room Mary's room2



Wolfe Manor Wolfe Manor2

Wolfe Manor3 10440754_10154881062800157_8297821706318719375_n



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    You remind me so much of that YA series that I absolutely love — The Mediator by Meg Cabot. 😉

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