Weekend Adventures

I started a new quarter of school after having 2 weeks off. I’m ready to kick this new quarter in the ass! Two more quarters and I’m done with my major in creative writing. Then I have to complete my minor in marketing. I’m taking marketing because I’m self-published, so I need to learn the ropes, right? Even when you become published through a traditional publisher, they still expect you to do most of the marketing. Nowadays, you only get about 6 weeks of marketing on your book by your publisher, and then they move on to the next book and author. Unless you pay a shit ton of money for a book publicist to help you out for a longer period of time. Either way, you’re gonna need to learn how to market yourself as a writer.

I’m busy doing homework now, and it’s a lot of work! So much reading!!! My little buggy got towed yesterday because someone called and complained to the city that my car is sitting on the curbside for a year now lol So I got it towed to a repair shop, and guess what? My car is pretty much done for. The mechanic said it’d take about $3800 to fix my car, and he said to just buy a new car if I’m gonna pay that much money to fix it. Everything in my bug is pretty much broken and needs to be replaced. My bug has had a history of breaking down right after getting fixed, and the mechanic said it was a “lemon”. Meaning, it’s a piece of shit car that’ll never really work. Now I’m going to have to tow to my sister’s house to stay there on her drive-way for 3 more months until the loan is paid off, and then I’ll sell it for junk right afterward. Never buy a Volkswagen Beetle people.

So that was my weekend 🙂 How was yours? I’m off to read The Great Gatsby for homework today.

This pretty much what the book is about, right?