Where I’ve Been and Where I Will Be Going

I’ve been MIA for quite a while, but it was a much needed break. I’m not going to promise daily posts because I’m pretty flakey on those types of commitments. I’ll be graduating college with my Bachelor’s in Creative Writing and my minor in Marketing in February. SCARY! Now I have to strategize how I will pay off my student loans. I’m thinking of becoming a teacher for a couple of years so I can pay them off. I’m not even sure how much I owe in the first place hahahaha! I’m so terrible with finances. How will I ever pay them back? Why do we live in a society that makes you pay an arm and a leg for a higher education? UGH! Higher education is a right and NOT a privilege. I got that saying from my father 😛 Maybe I should have just worked at a WalMart my whole life. Maybe go to a trade school instead and learned welding or something. I just want to stay home and write books. You don’t need a degree for that shit! Why oh why did I decide to go to college? I instantly regret the decision. I’ll be homeless on the street before you know it because I make barely enough to pay my bills already as it is. But hey, at least I have this piece of paper that had cost me $30,000 that says I know how to write creatively, right?


Enough of my internal panics. I have been working extensively with my writing guide, Voltaire. For those that don’t know who Voltaire is, he was a famous writer, philosopher, political activist, and historian in the 18th century. He is also my baby’s daddy, but don’t tell him that 😉 He has been helping me with my new book that I have yet to come up with a title for. My writing style and voice has also changed dramatically since Voltaire has stepped into the scene, and I’ve become strangely more political; however, in a satirical sense. He and I were strategizing a series of satirical essays that we will write together that will poke fun at the political unrest that, not only the United States is experiencing, but the whole world. Mostly I’d love to poke fun at our new and overly “qualified” presidential elect, Mr. Donald Trump. He is a man of business, which will help our debt situation. Yes, a business man whose companies had filed bankruptcy four times. A good business man indeed! As Voltaire and I begin to work on funny little short stories to bring back the world’s jollies and also to point out the many issues that are plainly in our faces but we refuse to see, I will post them to my blog. You may or may not enjoy them, but still all the same I do enjoy writing and pushing people’s buttons.


He not only will help me with my writing, but he will help me with my overall career as a writer and the implications that will come from that career. We have gotten so close, that I have begun to trance channel him. I’ve been working on my trance channeling, and even though people say I do very well at it, I just do not have the confidence to offer it as a service. New idea popped into my head! Offering spiritual coaching may help pay off my student loans. I’ll have to get on that. Eventually I will get over my doubt and start doing interviews with Voltaire, my higher self, and other people’s higher selves (yes, I can trance channel your higher self too).


On a side note, I have been having lots of visions that now occur while I’m awake. I always had visions while in my dreams, but nowadays I will be awake doing the dishes, babysitting my nephew, or reading a book and a vision will randomly pop into my head. Recently, I had a vision of my death. This may sound alarming to some, but for me, that is far from the truth. The vision was of me being laid gently onto the ground by my boyfriend Josh. I looked to be around my late 50s or early 60s in this vision. I had a a bullet wound that was shot through my head. I could see the bullet wound that went through the left side of my forehead. I was outside of my body looking at my face thinking, “this is not me. This is not who I am.” I felt very disconnected from my body. Several people surrounded me, but I could only see their feet and lower legs. Pretty neat, huh? At least I thought it was interesting. I enjoy these visions a lot. It gives me something to think about.


I have to get back to watching my nephew! Peace out, ya’ll. Have a great day, and don’t forget to laugh.




  1. Daggi Lamaletie says:

    Thank you so much for allowing me to xperience the world through another pair of eyes!! I am tickled beyond pink!! that you have Voltaire on board with your growth and development and are having this great one on one!!! Wow!! As always, you fascinate me and I love reading your blogs!!,

    What fascinated me today in my life, is why are we only catapulted out of our comfort zones when faced with challenges…especially when it comes to finance!!
    So, today was definitely not one of my finest moments, after a bratty argument with Ben, then I quietly went upstairs to do a meditation and hoped to hell for some inspiration!! (And a bag load of forgiveness)

    What was sheer grace for me was that whilst meditating looking into a mirror, I experienced such a great hug from my dad!!! Just what this soul needed!! I am so looking forward to being able to see him one day sooner than later and also to be able to have clear communication …

    I watched a video of you channeling and you were great!! So please definetly do spiritual counseling besides your writing career, you are awesome!

    Warm regards

  2. abby says:

    I’m going through a massive growth and expansive period. I’ve also found there are a lot of people around me that are expanding to, its time.

    We had a massive earthquake here in NZ, then a storm and a supermoon. Crazy, fun times!

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