Why Mediums Charge for their Services

How was everyone’s weekend? Of course, I procrastinated and did my homework last minute. I always plan out to do a little bit of my homework each day, but I lose motivation after Tuesday hahahaha! So now I crammed all my homework into two days (Monday and Tuesday) since apparently I have no motivation after Tuesdays. 

If you don’t know, I am a HUGE Walking Dead fan. Did ya’ll see last night’s episode!? INTENSE! I’m in love with Carol. She’s such a bad ass. I call her the queen. 

Now on to today’s post.

Let me ask you a question. Do you get upset when a doctor charges you for a doctor visit? Or for a surgery? Do you get upset with your therapist for charging for a session? What about the mechanic who fixes your car? I’m assuming no. Then why is it different when a medium charges?

There seems to be this stigma towards mediums and healers that charge for their services. I think because a lot of people don’t have a lot of trust in it and think the medium is just out to take your money, which is true for some unfortunately; however, not for all of us. There’s more good mediums than bad. You wouldn’t think of a doctor or therapist as someone who doesn’t truly want to help just because they charge for their services, right? What about a teacher? You don’t assume she really doesn’t want to help out your children and teach just because she gets paid to do it.

A medium not charging for their service is unrealistic if they want to make a living off of it. They have bills to pay and mouths to feed just like you, which is why you get paid for your job. Also, there needs to be an equal exchange of energies going on because doing readings can be very draining. Would you do your job for free? I wish I could do my readings and my classes for free, but I need to pay my bills. Society doesn’t allow me to be able to do all this for free. Being a medium is just like any other job.

Just like there are certain mechanics or therapists that charge a lot, there will be those mediums that charge more than most. It just depends on where you want to put your money. Someone who charges a lot isn’t “cheap” or a bad person, and someone doing free readings isn’t better than a medium who charges.

So why do mediums charge? Simply because it’s their job and they need to make ends meet somehow just like everyone else. They decided to take a talent of theirs and decided to make a living out of it just like a writer or actor.

Hope this helped to clear up some of the stigma! Have a beautiful day 🙂