Working, school, and more working

It can be tough finding a job when you’re an undergraduate. Especially one you’ll actually enjoy. Let’s see… Do I work at the fast food place where people throw food at me, and treat me like I’m less than a human? Or do I work at the retail store where people yell at me on a daily basis, and still treat me like I’m less than a human? Decisions, decisions… As of right now, I get paid to clean my parents’ condo, which feels more like I’m getting paid a monthly allowance for doing my chores than an actual job. I’m determined to find something else other than customer service. I’m determined to find a job where I won’t come home crying every day, and I won’t have to make friends with that bottle of rum to drown out my sorrows. I did that for two years while living in LA, and let me tell you it was such a fast downward spiral that it made my head spin. So I’m looking at being a freelance writer because I love writing. I’ll turn in an article. I’ll write a book review. I’ll write the crap out of that short story! It’ll make me happy, and I’ll be able to juggle writing articles, writing my books, and writing my essays for school.