Heather Quinto is a proud Yaqui Native American, and she resides in Fresno, California with her life partner, roommates, and many animals. She has a BA in Creative Writing/English with a minor in Marketing from Southern New Hampshire University. Currently, she is working on obtaining her Master’s in Digital Marketing. She is the author of the paranormal-fantasy novel, Inhuman, and a spiritual/romance short story titled In Love and Death. She helped write the best-selling books The Doctor’s Estate and The Doctor’s Curse with Jesus Martinez (owner of TruRealm Media), who is the creator of the story.

Heather has worn many hats in her life including being a teacher, business owner, and travel writer. However, her urge to be creative and think outside the box with any path she chooses has always remained the same. Her blog reflects that lust for life and urges to learn all that life has to offer. Subscribe to learn along with her.

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